Fresh Perspectives

I found myself pretty overwhelmed at registration, and a bit at orientation, but I knew the haze would clear soon after the scheduled events did. I grew up in Putney, Vermont, about an hour and a half south from our town of Castleton. One would agree I’m 100 percent homegrown.

I say “our” town because I truly feel like a part of this community, already. I tried, and can’t find a reason to say I’m not part of this community.

My roommate, from Lake George, N.Y. and I get along quite sufficiently, and we’ve both enjoyed our time spent here so far.

Standing outside my residence at North House I’ve met multiple people here who have been helpful, courteous and relaxed.

And everyone has welcomed me as a Castleton student. The attitude of most students I’ve met has been very mature and helpful.

I attended Ed Garrity’s motivational speech today, and found some truth in what he told us, especially that as freshman we have to seize all the opportunities, meet as many people as we can, and judge no one and nothing before they are given a chance.

We will only enjoy college if we treat all the situations we face with open-mindedness and maturity.

As I pursue my bachelors in sports administration I am only looking forward to my future as a Castleton student.

Thank you for welcoming me into your Castleton community.

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