CSC grads ARE finding work

Recession, recession, recession. It’s a word that for too long has described our economy – and not exactly what college students want to hear. It’s scary enough to step out into the real world looking for a job when times are good. But Castleton students are not letting the economy hinder their desire to reach their goals. From athletic training majors to education majors, members of the graduating class of 2009 are already working.

Well-known hockey player Andy Brolsma has gone on to a career as a high school math teacher in Fairport, N.Y.

Sociology graduate Amanda Nigrello works in Minnesota for Americorps VISTA finding advocates for children who have been abused.

Jason Merriss now resides in Florida, working for the state with the Department of Children and Families, as well as working for the City of Cape Coral Recreation Department.

Meredith Pope has moved down south, and now is a graduate assistant athletic trainer with the University of Virginia’s football team and men’s lacrosse team.

Dan Olanoff, a business accounting major, is now working as a project accountant.

These graduates serve as examples to current students of what is possible with life right after Castleton.

“Take advantage of the opportunities there at Castleton. Judith and Chrispin do a wonderful job of offering internship and hands on practical experience. For athletic training, it is easy to get hands on experience because it is a requirement early, but for other majors that don’t have that component: seek it out. Put yourself out there and acquire skills that are practical to the job you see yourself obtaining,” said Pope.

Brolsma sent out about 20 applications and heard back from more than half of them. He had two jobs lined up before graduating, and by the end of summer he had five offers to choose from.

“I feel that Castleton prepared me for the real world. From the professors to living on my own and having the discipline to finish my work for class and teaching, I feel like Castleton is a great stepping stone into real life. Being on the hockey team at Castleton taught me to determine my priorities in life. I have to evaluate and prioritize my wants while I was at Castleton,” said Brolsma.

Merriss agreed.

“I feel like Castleton did prepare me for the real world. No one knew the economy was going to be in the shape that is in now. They did make me better in creating resumes and how to better myself in interviews,” he said.

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