Book review

‘The Royal Treatment’Alaska became a state in 1867. But what if it hadn’t? What if Alaska had become its own country and had its own royal family?

It is, after all, one of the places the United States gets oil from.

Author Mary Janice Davidson took that ‘what if’ idea and made it into a series. Book one is called ‘The Royal Treatment.’ The book is about a woman named Christina, who just lost her job as a cook. With no money and nowhere to go, Christina ends up meeting “Al” and taking up his offer for a place to stay.

What Christina hadn’t realized at first was that Al was actually the king, and he thought that Christina was just the right type of girl for his son, David!

‘The Royal Treatment’ is a romance type of novel. It is well written though, and is very funny.

Christina is a loud-mouthed character who never has a problem speaking her mind — even when what she thinks will probably get her into trouble!

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