Our canine companions are important to campus culture

This upcoming fall will bring about a lot of changes for student athletes here at Castleton. It’s hard to ignore all the commotion about Spartan Stadium. Am I absolutely thrilled to play on it for my senior year? Of course, but along with all the excitement, there’s one little fan of mine who most likely won’t be able to attend any of my games. The majority of the time, artificial turf stadiums enforce a strict, “No Dogs Allowed,” policy.

I haven’t heard exactly whether or not dogs will be completely banned, but nevertheless it’s still going to be a little disheartening when my dog can’t run onto the field to greet me after a victory or a loss.

It was always nice to look over and see my little guy acting so patient, so grateful just to be outside with people.

And have you noticed how many other canines are present at these outdoor sporting events? Tons. After Castleton’s recent “dog boom,” many students and faculty enjoy bringing their pooches outside with them to support their Spartans.

It’s great to be able to take my dog for a walk around campus, stop down at the fields and catch a bit of whatever game is going on. I feel that with this new stadium, maybe it will actually deter fans from attending games.

Some people love to have their dog with them at all times. I personally feel pretty darn guilty when the weather is nice outside and I’ve got to leave my pup inside. I feel awful because I’m outside enjoying a beautiful day and my best friend isn’t.

If dogs are allowed at this stadium, I’m guessing that they’ll only be allowed to stand behind a fence that encloses the turf. Well that’s no fun. Who wants to stand for an hour or two?

It’s just a little bit sad that our playful friends won’t be allowed to attend our games. They were just as loyal fans as the rest of us.

They stood in the rain, they lay down at our feet when it was 30 or 40 degrees out, and they soaked up all the attention and sun they could when it was beautiful out.

And now here we are.

Well people, there are a few games left to be watched during the last bit of this spring season, I say get out there with your dogs and enjoy them while you can.

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