Fresh Perspectives

This is the last “fresh perspectives” of the year and it seems almost surreal.This year has gone by quicker than I could have ever imagined. In fact, it feels like every time I have written this column I have noted how fast time has gone by: first semester, winter break, etc.

I have not written a “fresh perspectives” in quite some time though, and since winter vacation, the weeks and weekends have all blended together in a mess of essays, last-minute Soundings events and a need by students to soak up the final weekends with their friends, enjoying the very few that remain of the year.

And quite frankly, I am sort of overwhelmed by it all. My first year of college is over! Although I still have three years and change of higher education remaining, the speed of which this first year occurred, has offered me the prospect that I will be in the “real world” sooner than I was anticipating.

As exciting as this should seem, I cannot conceal my overall disappointment.
My first year at Castleton overall was not exactly what I was expecting. Although some readers mentioned that some of my past articles included a hint of complaint, I really did enjoy my freshman year here: bad food, construction, Ellis and all.

By the way, speaking of housing, I would just like to make a side-note and say that I will be living in a newly renovated Babcock next year (as rumor has it), and not out of desire — I am just a really, really good friend. But the rooming process was awful and I felt like I was stuck in a nightmare the entire three hours I was there.

But seriously.

The past few weeks we have had wonderful weather and it has really provided me with a glimpse of what helps makes Castleton so satisfactory. The weather has certainly exposed the intimacy that a small community like Castleton entails.
The weather has allowed students and different groups and classes to venture into the sports fields and various lawns of the school, to engage in a variety of outdoor activities. It was wonderful to watch and be a part of. It is too bad that finals, papers and soon to be summer jobs have hindered this.

But it’s now summer and you will either be here next year or you will not. When students return in the fall, our campus will be completely transformed. We will have a brand new campus center, sports stadium, and the reconstruction of Leavenworth will be well under way. A new journalism room will arrive shortly thereafter.

To all of you who are transferring or graduating, I wish you good luck and good fortune, and also that hope you have taken something valuable away from Castleton.
And, to those of you who will be returning next year, have a good summer and see you next year. Don’t miss my column too much.

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