Edward MacEnulty – much more than meets the eye

Busting through the front doors into the empty living room, Castleton State College senior Edward MacEnulty throws his bookbag onto the couch, yanks down his Ralph Lauren sweater and slips off his polished brown shoes. Without another word, he dashes up the stairs, reappearing two minutes later sporting a pair of loose gray sweatpants and white tank top, running to the stove to make himself a cup of tea.He plops himself down on the couch, folds his hands into one another and waits for the interview to start.

“Let’s do this,” he says patiently.

Behavior like drinking tea, watching classic movies and reading poetry isn’t what most would expect from this outspoken young man. In fact, most people’s first impressions of the Student Association President are far from reality.

Daniel Olanoff, Castleton State College senior and roommate of MacEnulty’s, expressed his first encounter with MacEnulty as a surprising one.

“My first impression of him was that he was a loud and cool guy. But after getting to know him more, I realized that he is also really intelligent. It surprised me just how devoted to school he was,” said Olanoff.

But MacEnulty didn’t just give a good first impression to his fellow classmates, he also left an impression in people that knew him for a short time.

“He was always nice and made everything interesting and fun,” said Courtney Leavitt, CSC sophomore and former member of MacEnulty’s SOS group.

Although MacEnulty is seen by many as a fun loving guy without a care in the world, he has a serious side as well.
History professor, Jonathan Spiro, has been in contact with MacEnulty for several years.

“At first I thought he was just another average male student, not very interested in academics and that there was nothing special about him. But quickly I discovered that I was completely wrong about all that,” said Spiro.

The beginning
Edward Wright MacEnulty, 21, grew up in New York City, a place that showed him new things and made him see what he wanted to do with his future.

“Growing up in New York City has opened my eyes to other cultural advatages. I was going to one of the best high schools in the area. I was able to go and work at a museum of natural history.I learned things that some people might not be able to see,” said MacEnulty.

Working in the museum sparked his interest in history, making his greatest goal to one day finish up a doctorate in art history and work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“If I could be one person for a day, I would be Keith Christianson. He is a friend of the family and a curator of the Itialian Renaissance at the Metro. He gets paid to travel to Italy, my favorite place. That’s the life,” said MacEnulty.

One thing that has always seemed important to him was knowledge and having a good idea of what was happening in the world around him.

“One of my mentors was Father Cannon Norris. He was my priest in New York. He was the smartest person I ever met. He was a Rhodes scholar. He had the ability to listen to other people’s problems and not get tied down by them and their opinions. These are all qualities I hope to attain,” said MacEnulty.

A leader
Leadership has become an everyday task for MacEnulty since his schedule is full of all different types of extracurriculars. He is Student Association president, the senior class president, a member of 1 in 4, a member of the Castleton State Rugby team, a member of the Travel Club, Student Orientation Staff leader and soon-to-be graduate. But his extracurriculars didn’t start once he got to college. He was previously involved in national chess competitions where he once took home the championship. But one way that everyone on this campus can appreciate his role as a leader, is his role as Student Association president.

“Even in his first few months as SA president, Ed has already shown impressive leadership qualities. He and others have developed a new SA configuration that seems to promise better efficiency and more meaningful involvement. Ed has taken the lead responsibility in advocating for this change that appears to be an improvement for student access and advocacy,” states Castleton State College President Dave Wolk in an e-mailed response.

MacEnulty has made plenty of steps toward bettering our school already this year, and although his reign on this campus is coming to an end, what he has done for the school will stay for a long time.

Not only has he helped in the advancement of programs and overall happiness of the student body at CSC, but he has also made a great effort in helping people better themselves.

Fellow rugby player and neighbor, Castleton State College junior Liz Garibay, feels that everyone MacEnulty has come in contact with has learned something from him.

“He’s sweet, easy going, easy to talk to, and one of the most reliable people I’ve ever met. He has taught me that there’s a time to be serious and a time to have fun,” said Garibay.

Olanoff, his roommate, went on saying “If there’s one thing he’s taught me, it’s to not judge anything by the way it looks or acts.”

MacEnulty has been known to open up to people, regardless of who they are or where they come from, he is a friend to all.

As a fellow S.O.S leader and friend of MacEnulty’s, Castleton State College junior Melissa Pope shares her feelings towards her peer.

“One of his greatest qualities is that he’ll be there for you no matter what, even if he doesn’t know you. You are instantly his friend. He’s very personable,” says Pope.

Megan Phillips, another former S.O.S leader who worked alongside MacEnulty, shares similar feelings.

“He was very good at opening up and making new students feel comfortable. He has a good personality that everyone can relate to,” said Phillips.

Looking Ahead
The 2009 graduate will return to New York City after he graduates to pursue a career in the military.

Much can be said about this generous man, but one thing that can’t be said is that he has no future.

“He’s funny, serious, and likeable. He’s always determined to do the best he can do. He’s doing all the things someone should do to insure their success in life.

He’s studying hard and getting involved in all sorts of extracurriculars. We all know he has a very bright future ahead of him,” said Spiro.

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