Confessions of a Bud Light girl

It was an average day, just hanging out, so I decided to spend some quality time on my Facebook.I spotted a message in my inbox, which is not a normal occurrence. Inbox messages are usually something juicy, something that people don’t want everyone else to see, so naturally I got a little excited.
Little did I know that it would hold an ideal summer opportunity in the message.

“Sorry, this is random but I work for a marketing company out of Boston called Preston Marketing Concepts and I am looking to hire sales models in Vermont,” stated the message from Shannon Santamaria, northern New England manager.

She then went on to describe the position.

“Pretty much what you would do is go into bars or liquor stores and execute a sampling for two hours at a time,” Santamaria said. “You always work with another girl in a bar and you work alone in a liquor store. You would be distributing samples as well as giveaways like t-shirts, pint glasses, stickers, key chains and hats.”

“You will also be responsible for educating consumers about the brand you are promoting and gathering feedback about it as well,” she continued. “It is very flexible and we schedule you around your availability each week, all through email.”

Needless to say, this message intrigued me and a few other girls as well. Five girls from Castleton ended up writing back to this message and agreed to attend a training day in Brattleboro.

Jillian Gee, Ashley Hertford, Meghan Roussin, Kristina Bliss, and I all piled into my Honda and made the trek to the training session. One by one, we all click clacked our way into the room in our heels, and not only were we met with a free dinner, there was a sampling of Anheuser Busch products for the ones who were 21 of course.

They educated us on the importance of a good brew and taught us all how Budweiser is the king of all beers.

“It’s going to be an easy way to make money and have fun at the same time,” Gee said.

Seeing the message on Facebook, it all seemed too good to be true. But after talking with the management and administration in charge we all realized it was legit and an amazing opportunity.

“I feel as if the job will be something new and interesting to do instead of what I have previously done for work,” said Roussin.

“I think that I will have an awesome time doing this job and I think this will make my summer a lot more enjoyable,” Hertford said. “How many people can say their summer job was promoting beer in bars for money?”

Not only would we be having a sick summer job, we would be the first group of girls to represent Anheuser Busch products in Vermont. We all plan to set the bar high for anyone coming behind us.

Did I mention our first uniform attire?

White shorts, white and blue striped tank with Bud Light written across the chest, and of course to top it all off, a sailor hat.

Every girl is going to want to be us, and everyone else is just going to want a piece of us.

Jealous much?

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