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One thing that is popular on the Internet nowadays is web-comics. Once there are enough pages, a comic is often printed in book format. One such comic is “Looking For Group” by Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza. It can be found on At this point there are currently over 200 pages to read for free online. Also, books one and two have been published.”Looking For Group” is a story about an odd mish-mash of characters. The first characters introduced are Cale the elf and Richard, the undead warlock. Cale is idealistic and wants to help people, whereas Richard simply likes to kill things. Richard’s killing is frowned upon, but in this alternate world, it is understood that things like that happen.

On their travels, these unlikely companions run into a priestess, a dwarf, a Minotaur-type man and others. At first, the group doesn’t seem to be traveling for any particular purpose. Slowly, they all gain their reasons, even if some of them are rather odd; like Richard deciding that his battle cry and mission would be “for pony.”

It is funny, interesting, has decent art, and worth the read.

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