Buckets and Tap Shows set to bring the noise to Casella

Imagine electric guitars, keyboard, trumpet, bass, percussion and tap shoes on the Casella Theater together. Got it?

Good because this will be happening on April 30 when Buckets and Tap Shoes comes to perform.

“They are amazingly energetic” said Mariko Hancock of the Fine Arts Center Box Office.
Buckets and Tap Shoes is a group of five men from Minneapolis including two brothers who teamed up with their three friends. They began in 1997.

This group uses the everyday instruments but also uses the not so everyday ones. Electric guitars and keyboards are used along with five gallon buckets, trashcans, metal cans, barrels and just about anything else they can get a hold of.

Rhythmic tap dance also brings something special to what they do. Some vocal is incorporated but from the sounds of the sample music on the Buckets and Tap Shoes Myspace page it is more of an instrumental group.

This group has won a few awards like the Best of the Fringe award in 2007. They have also have had great reviews from the New York Times, New York Observer and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

This performance counts as a soundings event for those who are short some soundings shows. For others it is ten dollars for adults, seven for seniors and five dollars for students and children under the age of twelve.

Buckets and Tap Shoes has videos and samples of songs on their Myspace page. So if you would like to check the band out for yourself before they come to Castleton you may do so on their Myspace page, Myspace.com/BucketsandTapshoes

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