SGA elections underway at Castleton

Students on campus have a chance to make a difference this week.

The elections for Student Government Association officials are being held today and tomorrow. There are going to be tables set up in Leavenworth, Huden and Jeffords over the next two days.

“Last fall 358 students voted and 150 voted the spring before that,” Michael Miller, SGA Court Chief Justice, said. Each position in the SGA is up for election with all being one-year terms. Students can vote for the SGA president, vice president, treasurer, vice president of activities, vice president of academics, secretary, and delegates.

The delegates are replacing the senators that the student government did away with last year as part of a constitutional change, according to Miller.

Some of the students running include Justin Garrit for SGA president, Kyle Kelly and Stephanie Kopko for vice president, Will Mathis for VP of activities, and Becca Merro for treasurer.

Also running are Dana Pulinen for secretary and Jazmin Averbuck for Just Activities with Music chairperson. Tony Besset, Stacia Bucknell and Laura Thomas are running for delegate posts.

When asked if they plan on voting and what they hope to see out of this year’s crop of SGA officials, it became clear why only a few students voted in the past.

“I just picked some random person,” Sarah Flore, a sophomore said. “I don’t know exactly what they do.”

Other students offered a potential solution to that problem.

“(Students running for election) should do a campaign or send out e-mails,” said sophomore Becki Duszak. “I wouldn’t vote if I don’t know people.”

One student would like to see SGA “make themselves known to the community,” adding “I don’t think many people know about them.”

She also hopes they “make a stand, bettering the Castleton community or the college community or even globally. They should support clubs, go to games, and events.

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