Break it Down

So, I have some beef to take up with Hollywood right now. I can’t think back and count how many magazine articles I have seen that talk about plastic surgery or someone being overweight or underweight.

It is beyond ridiculous when you try to find a celebrity who hasn’t been critiqued for their appearance. The part that is the most annoying is that the perfect body is not even obtainable, at least according to Hollywood standards.

The E! Channel always has different specials about celebrities, and those nights where I just can’t sleep, that is what tends to catch my eye. They have been showcasing this one about worst celebrity plastic surgeries.

Tara Reid is a face that always pops up in these types of shows. She is maybe a size 4, and went for liposuction to get rid of that fat that was invisible to most of America, and she ended up walking away with a botched tummy job.

Lucky her.

Then there is Lindsay Lohan, who started out in Hollywood cute as a button and now the only category she seems to fit in is the train wreck column. Lohan was not overweight at all during her teenage starlet years, and was quoted as loving her curvy frame, and not wanting to mold into those typical stereotypes of female stars and their weight.

But, as time went on, Lohan just seemed to disappear, but not out of the limelight, but her body dwindled down to almost nothing.

Hollywood is full of hypocrisy. People bashed Lohan when she was a normal healthy size, but then when she went to the extreme to fulfill their demands, everyone decided to bash how little she got. Make sense to anyone?

Britney Spears is yet another example Hollywood’s cruel idea of constructive criticism. She has been all over the map when it comes to personal problems and career problems. But when Spears decided to make her comeback last year at the MTV awards, what was critiqued the most? Should have been her music right?

Wrong. It was her body that once again was not good enough.

So, pretty much my word of advice is not to try and strive to look like one of these stars, admire them,and love their work, yes. But model your behavior after most of their lifestyles, probably not a healthy diet plan.

Screw stereotypes.
Be healthy and happy.
End of story.

Keep it classy Castleton,

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