Media lacks sensitivity for Buffalo plane crash

Over the past few weeks, television news stations have been broadcasting the same incident. Networks have broadcast numerous images of flames pouring out of an aircraft, with the only part of the plane that had stayed intact being the tail of it, exposing the numbers of the plane on the back a large golden globe on its navy blue background.

The plane crash near Buffalo of flight 3407 on Feb. 12 has been all over the news ever since it happened.

It is understandable. It is a big issue, but I believe it should be handled differently.

This event affected many people and should be handled more sensitively. There are several family members and co workers who are becoming depressed by its overexposure on the news so much.

As a child of a flight attendant, I understand how annoying it is to see this on the news and in the papers frequently.
Showing the same footage over and over is doing nothing but hurting the people who were affected.

This act of news broadcasting is exactly why journalists have bad reputations. Journalists are not meant to hurt or depress their consumers, but merely to deliver a message of what has occurred.

News stations should show only the updates after the first few airings of the accident.

For the first few days, there was nothing that had changed.

In the week after, there was talk of how it could have been the pilot’s fault. But other than that there haven’t been many updates.

If the news companies feel the need to keep showing it on the news, then they should add different things, such as talking to the people who were affected like family members and those who had worked with the crew members who died on the plane.

Everything else that is being shown over and over again is just making it more depressing for others.

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