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Besides the various sports teams that were forced to stay here during winter break, it is safe to say that the rest of us have just returned from yet another unnecessary week off. I know I’ve said this before, but for me, this break was just another excuse to sit around, avoid my homework, Facebook stalk for far longer than necessary, and watch Real World marathons on my couch.

I am fully aware that you have also heard, and perhaps discussed amongst yourselves, how the construction on campus is a loud pain in the ass, Huden food is crappy, parking is awful, in addition to whatever other various aspect of college life we frequently talk about.

There are a few distinct things, though, that I have recently taken notice to which I don’t believe I have yet to personally address.

The workload for the first three weeks of this semester seemed exceptionally more heavy than that of the first semester. Perhaps the teachers felt strained for time, knowing that another break was soon on the way, but I myself did more work these first three weeks of school than I did during the entire first semester.

I noticed a sharp decline in the number of people wandering the halls of Ellis during the week, and there was a substantial noise reduction as well. Perhaps this is a good sign though, we are here for an education after all.

On top of all of this work, freshman still have to attend soundings. Although Soundings is not always mentioned with enthusiasm, I must give the Soundings crew some credit: the Soundings events have been significantly better this semester, and the first three that I attended were even capable of holding my interest for longer than 20 minutes.

The Hot Eight Brass band seemed to be a favorite among freshman, as hoards of students swarmed the stage for the final thirty minutes of the performance as they danced to the lively New Orleans rhythm.
The African story teller too was engaging, allowing students to sing/clap to the verses of Charlotte Blake Alston. Even the four hour Spike Lee film was of interest to me. I did not have the pleasure of attending convocation, however, and there are still many events left.

And finally, I would like to bring up a problem most prevalent for students these days: money. The last fresh perspectives column discussed the expenses of textbooks. On top of the 400 dollars I spent on books, I have needed to pay for other various college necessities, and of course a vital spring break vacation to Myrtle Beach (although my parents would certainly disagree of its importance).

Upon going to the bank the other day (since our campus lacked an ATM machine) I noticed that my funds were dwindling, as are I assume, most other college students’. I thereafter was fortunate enough to land myself a job at the phone-a-thon center, luckily hearing of the job through a friend.

Since then I have been observing flyers for jobs in various locations on campus, so there are jobs out there if you are suffering similar circumstances. You just might need to go out and look.

The ATM machine is back by the way, and can now be found outside the public safety building.

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