Break it Down

“They hating on me, they wanna diss this, kiss-kiss, ’cause she mine and so fine.”I don’t know about anyone else, but this whole Chris Brown and Rihanna dispute came out of nowhere for me.

On Feb. 8 Brown was charged with assault on Rihanna and leaving her with visible injuries. The two had been seen together just days before looking happy and in love.
Appearances can be deceiving.

What isn’t deceiving are the marks that were left on Rihanna’s well-known face.

Two devil horn-shaped marks were left on this beauty’s forehead, as well as her once luscious lips being swollen and split open. As if these injuries weren’t enough, there were bruises on her cheeks and bite marks on her fingers and arms.

Brown later turned himself into the police. Maybe his conscience got the best of him.
This situation leaves people with a moral dilemma. People don’t know whether to stand behind Brown, shun Brown, or protect Rihanna. Some radio stations are refusing to play Brown’s music, yet others are having contests centered on this assault.
Question seems to be, do we as the audience of this entertainer feel bad for Brown and realize he is human, or do we shun him for doing such an awful thing?

In my opinion, these two need some serious time apart before they can even consider being together again. Brown needs to do some intense soul searching and reevaluate his life. Rihanna needs to do the same.
It’s not like Chris Brown is the first celebrity to be involved in a domestic violence dispute. Everyone knows about Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston and their so-called happy relationship.

Maybe it’s something to do with the last name Brown.

When it comes to domestic dispute, most people say get out as fast as you can because it could always happened again. But there are the times where people make mistakes and can make a lifestyle change after it for the better. It’s not always the case, but I think in rare occasions it can happen.

Maybe it’s the silly girl in me hoping for the love to pull through, but big part of me hopes Rihanna and Chris Brown can work it out. As of right now, the two are still together so only time will tell.

Love is a crazy, awful, wonderful thing even in the world of celebrities.

Keep it classy, Castleton,

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