New Fireside is a “cluster

Crossed arms, grudged faces and tapping feet is what you will see when you walk into Huden after 8:30 p.m. Due to the construction of the Campus Center, Huden is the new home of the Fireside Café. But was this a pleasing move to students or not? While the cafe is now slightly closer to the south side of campus than it was, students have mixed feelings about it.

“It is a cluster f—,” said Castleton student Mike Fitzherbert.

Tiela Roberts echoed a similar sentiment.

“The line is so f—in’ long,” Roberts said.

Other students acknowledged certain inconveniences with a slightly less abrasive choice of words.

“Fireside needs to work out another solution,” senior Laura Olson said.

“You’ll have a line anywhere,” Amanda Malony said.

But unfortunately, these two comments ended up being the most positive from students asked for their opinions.

Most of these comments were made while waiting in the long line to pay for the products that students wanted to consume. With the new Fireside process, students must first wait in line to pay for what they would like, then put in their order at the grill or sandwich bar.

There is often a long line at south side entrance doors of Huden. It takes about a half-an-hour to just pay and get orders processed.

If the students select food that must be made made-to-order, then he or she must wait in a line again for their order number to be called, much like waiting in a deli line at the grocery store, frustrating and feels like forever.

Now this may not seem like a big deal to some, but college students like to eat when they are hungry, especially when it’s as cold outside as it’s been and students just crave a hot meal or snack.

While students were waiting in anger, they made suggestions on how Aramark, the company that runs all of Castleton’s food services, could fix things in the new Fireside to make them more pleasurable.

The main suggestion involved hiring more people. More staff would mean food may be served more quickly to get students out of the clustered area.

Both Kenny McIlroy and Mike Fitzherbert suggested that both the north side and south side doors should be unlocked. More students would be willing to come in and get some grub if they did not have to hike around to the other side of the building in the cold. Tiela Roberts suggested that there should be another register open so the line is cut in half and two orders will be paid for and ordered at once.

Aramark representatives were not available to comment as of print time.

But for now it seems students must be patient in those long lines until another solution is given, or until construction is complete.

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