Musicians bring “Bad Beer and Chips” to CSC

Among the many hopeful singers and musicians dreaming of making it big time, Tim Blane is one that has the talent to push him to the top of the music industry.The singer straight out of Boston, Mass., alongside his two band members, James Williams and James Casey, provides your ears with familiar sounds we regularly hear on the radio.

The trio played a variety of original music mixed with covers from John Legend, Fall Out Boy and even Beyonce, leaving people as content with their versions as they are with the originals. The band’s original songs included “Bad Beer and Chips,” “Tennessee”, “Me Being Me,” and “Fan of Your Eyes.”

Not only were the songs giving off a Dave Matthews vibe, Blane also carries a voice that can be compared to Matt White, Gavin DeGraw and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. There was something for everyone to like.

The three Boston locals take you on a ride from fast upbeat songs to slow and soothing notes, which were pushed forward through the saxophone and percussion.

Williams’ beat making was different from other artists we usually see. He has strings of bells wrapped around his ankles, the cajón, a Peruvian drum, was sitting underneath him and he tapped it for a strong sound, while small maracas were used when he wasn’t tapping the drum. Watching him play all of these at one time was like watching an artist.

The beats from Williams mixing together with the saxophone sounds of Casey only complimented the soft voice and strumming of the acoustic guitar by Blane.

One quality that sets these three apart from other college performing bands was their ability to give an outstanding live performance in such a small venue. When many artists play live, you hear the cracking of a voice, an out-of-tune guitar and sounds not normally heard on their studio albums.

This is not the case with Blane’s band. You get the feeling they have been doing this for years, as it seemed almost perfect. And with the applause and smiles on the audience’s faces, everyone would rate this performance a thumbs up.

For a sneak peek of their songs, they can be found on iTunes and Facebook.

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