Letter to the Editor

On behalf of my family, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the faculty, students, friends, and neighbors of Castleton State College for embracing my wife and our four sons with your kindness while we made plans to remember my late uncle, Christopher Clarke White. As everyone was aware, Chris’ life revolved around the College. It was his “family.” He was brilliant, eccentric, kind, funny, thoughtful, dedicated, generous, and sometimes he acted like a young kid. Those qualities were all related to me and my family by so many of you who attended Chris’ memorial service and later at the luncheon given by the College. You gave us an insight to my uncle that we didn’t know before. We learned that he played the violin and even serenaded a few lucky diners. We certainly didn’t know how well loved he was as a professor, mentor and as a friend. He was a creature of habit. Dining every day at the Birdseye Diner, meeting for coffee and danish daily with Karen and Rita, and wearing his tie tucked into his belt each day. Your stories about my uncle were truly appreciated and will always be fondly remembered. Thank you citizens of Castleton for extending your warmth to me and my family and for being such a large part of a meaningful life for my uncle, Christopher White.

— Stuart C. Linden

and Family

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