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So how about those book prices? Does anyone feel like the school is cheating them with unfair book prices? I spent over $400 dollars on books last semester thinking no big deal, I should get at least half of the money back.

Well I was completely wrong!

Instead of getting $200 dollars back, I got $93 dollars! Now what reason could the school possibly have to give students such a small amount of money back other than to make a profit?

Hell, if a group of students made up their own little bookstore, then they could buy books back fairly and at the same time still make a profit.

Anyways, on a somewhat better note, the Super Bowl was at least exciting towards the end, granted that maybe the teams weren’t who we expected to be there.

I don’t know about you guys, but I look forward to the funny commercials more than anything and by far my favorites were both of the Doritos commercials. Some of the movie trailers were pretty good and also some unexpected, like the Transformers 2 trailer.

Hey, I know that some of you may not care, but TRANSFORMERS 2! What is there not to like about that? Two words, Megan Fox, and that is all I need to say about that movie, because quite frankly, in my opinion, Megan Fox is a fox. She is one of the big reasons to see Transformers 2.

We have been back at school for a couple weeks and we have a break already? I’m all for having weeklong breaks and whatnot, but isn’t it a little bit too soon?

Most of us like going home, but after being there for a good long month and dealing with parents and other family members you just want to come back to good old CSC and be with your friends.

We are done with school in three months anyway and it really seems like this year is just flying by. Good luck to everyone with new classes and professors.

Oh, and have fun with the unfair book prices that screw us all over in the end.

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