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Web sites have come a long way in the last decade. Looking back, even the web sites of five years ago appear ancient compared to those of present day. It’s interactive web pages stocked full of links and information relevant to a target audience. Castleton State College’s official web site,, is no exception in the media’s push to make the web where it’s at. Its pages are lined with a plethora of student resources one might not find easily elsewhere.

The first page alone offers over 50 links that lead to frequently requested information on schedules, statistics and current renovations.

For the currently enrolled Castleton student, one of the most useful links on the first page is “Current Students.” This link leads directly to “Resources and Activities” which contains another 61 links. These links include this year’s academic calendar, electronic versions of undergraduate catalogs, internship opportunities, soundings events, and many more.

In the header “News and Events,” a link to the online version of Castleton’s student newspaper, “The Spartan” can be found.

Do you have questions about Castleton’s writing standards, or want to know more about counseling services being offered? The “Resources & Activities” page is stocked with links pertaining to a variety of questions a student might have about Castleton State College.

The web site however, caters to more than just the current Castleton student.

On the first page below the link for “Current Students” are links for “New Students”, “Alumni,” “Faculty & Staff,” “Visitors,” and “Job Seekers.” The Castleton web sites tailors your on-line experience to fit individual needs.

Castleton’s web resources don’t end with the Castleton Website. Blackboard is just a click away. Recently updated with new features for the Castleton student, the school makes use of Blackboard’s unique features.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be sent to the Castleton portal. On the bottom left-hand side of the page there is a section entitled, “Castleton Today.”

Within this box, you’ll find three new features including “Daily Calendar,” “Campus News and Events,” and “Castleton Classifieds.”

The “Castleton Classifieds” includes a carpool bulletin board, used book exchange, discussion board, for sale, and the currently available work-study positions. These links are great tools for students interested in taking advantage of Castleton’s network.

“Castleton Today” allows you to peek at today’s schedule, check out upcoming events, buy/sell and find carpools all in the same place – with just a click of the mouse.

The Castleton website and Blackboard make information easily accessible for students, visitors, and faculty members alike.

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