Break it down

Pictures seem to be what makes or breaks you in Hollywood these days. There are countless instances where celebs are photographed either nude, making out with someone they shouldn’t be making out with, or breaking the law.

Even “wholesome” celebrities get taken down by this picture clause of their celebrity status. The biggest picture scandal of the moment is Michael Phelps’ infamous bong photo.

One would think from all the people who tell you smoking is bad for your health that this would affect his athletic performance, but on the contrary, Phelps won not only one gold medal this past year, he won a number of medals.

So to all you naysayers, go on and tell everyone how much it affects your performance, but Michael Phelps is sitting back enjoying his fame and fortune.

Props to you Phelps!

Britney Spears is beyond well-known for her scandalous photos, from shaving her head to having her child on her lap in a car. The classiest picture of her is without a doubt the one where Spears hopped out of a car and flashed her naughty bits to the world.

Nothing like making a statement with your private parts. But, instead of hurting her fame, every female after started calling their vaginas, their “Britneys.”

So, congrats Britney, another trademark phrase for you!

It makes me wonder about pictures and how much it really effects what people think of you. Everyone always says to be careful about what pictures get tagged of you on Facebook, and to make sure that you do some serious untagging if they are not “appropriate.”

Question is though, what is inappropriate in one person’s mindset might be completely fine in someone else’s mind.

Growing up I was always told not to worry about what other people thought of you, but the older you get, the more it seems that it really does matter what everyone thinks of you. I feel like that stereotype needs to ripped off and thrown in the garbage.

Appearances matter to an extent, but they shouldn’t be what makes or breaks a person. So, word of advice, go out, get crazy, and take some ridiculous pictures.

If anything, it’s worth the controversy you will receive from them.

Keep it classy Castleton,



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