Book Review

John Huffam is 14 years old. His sister is 17. Yet when their father manages to get $300 in debt, it is John that everyone looks to for solutions. John begins searching; finding out that it is not only debtor’s prison he must fear. For someone is a traitor and is willing to sell plans to the enemy — for $300.

Not sure who to trust, John does his best to figure out who is lying and who is not. And he has to do it soon.

“The Traitor’s Gate” by the author Avi is a novel that is set in 1849-the year that Charles Dicken’s classic “David Copperfield” came out.

That is significant only in the fact that Avi got the idea for “Traitor’s Gate” from the life of Charles Dickens. Charles Dicken’s father went to debtor’s prison. A few characters are based on actual people, but there the similarities end. The novel is well worth the read.

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