14 gold medals and one big bong rip

In light of recent scandals, I must mention one that all of Vermont must be smirking about. Who knew that marijuana is the breakfast of champions?

Michael Phelps sure did.

We’ve all seen the photo spreads – Mr. Phelps and his trusty “marijuana pipe” (BONG!). The first thought that came to mind – Olympian and pot in the same sentence? Three cheers for stoner society!

My thoughts were clearly echoed, as Phelps came up in conversation countless times on the day his photo was released.

I just can’t help but to think, He’s amazing at what he does – world record holder, and he smokes POT! Reefer Madness just went up in flames!

Sadly, this photo was not received as joyfully by the media. Controversy plagues every bit of breaking news and Phelps’ means of entertainment was no exception.

The Baltimore Sun interviewed Phelps, surely hoping for a public apology for his actions. He admitted he’d “clearly made a mistake” but didn’t specify whether the mistake was the act of smoking, or the act of being photographed smoking (my theory is the latter).

Phelps continued, “I will say that with the mistakes that I’ve made in my life, I’ve learned from them. Every one of them. And I’ve become a better person. That’s what I plan to do from here. It’s definitely not what I wanted and it’s clearly not what my mom wanted.”

That was a nice shout-out to Mom, Mr. Phelps. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t sense a trace of sincerity in his regret (I mean, other than embarrassing his mother).

It’s funny – one minute the world sees Michael Phelps as a world-class Olympian, the best at what he does. The next, a photo leaks out of Phelps smoking some pot, and everyone is up in arms like it’s bad or something.

I must remind all the haters out there that Mr. Phelps has 14 Olympic gold medals under his belt (more than any other Olympian in history). Obviously, marijuana hasn’t gotten in the way of his goals.

The “Above the Influence” campaign might want to reconsider the accuracy of their commercials!

If pot aids an exceptionally motivated and talented individual in achieving a little peace and relaxation, why not?

Maybe law-makers would ease up if they took the hint.

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