What happened to chef Troy?

Huden Dining Hall. Some may have grimaced at the sound of those three words in the past, but let’s face it, this year was different. Enter Troy Peabody, or Chef Troy, as the students like to call him. Widely considered a remarkable cook and a man who changed the dining hall for the better.

“He was great,” said an Aramark employee who wished to remain anonymous, “he took the time to talk to the kids and it wasn’t a put off. He was genuine about it.”

All of a sudden Huden was buzzing with the sounds of students claiming the food was improving and that they loved it. Even the suggestion/comment bulletin board was littered with positive responses. Almost all of them commented on the quality of the food and a few mentioned praises of the new chef.

Peabody had helped create a more student friendly atmosphere.

“He was always open to all of our comments and of course, loved the compliments,” said sophomore Justin Garrit.

With good food came good conversation. In turn, the combination gave students an enjoyable environment, one that they felt comfortable in.

“I would only go to Huden for breakfast,” said senior Kyle Brooks, “but you could just tell there was a difference.”

However noticeable these improvements were, nobody could have foreseen that something was lurking on the horizon. Maybe life at the dining hall wasn’t as hunky-dory as everyone thought it to be.

Without warning, Peabody left just about as quickly as he came, leaving no explanations for his departure.

“The day Chef Troy left I notice a complete change.” said Garrit. “The food was down and the presentation of the food went down.”

Sophomore Sarah Flore agrees with Garrit, noting the changes since Peabody’s departure.

“I feel like now, everyday the food’s just the same,” she said.

Huden, currently all dolled up for the holidays, survived before the arrival of “Chef Troy,” and it has no choice but to survive after him as well.

Students know that all the new festive decorations can’t make up for the familiar face that won’t be seen around anymore.

When asked about the absence of Peabody, a corporation contract forbade Mike Williams, head of Aramark to comment on the issue.

It’s also unknown as of right now whether or not a replacement chef will be hired in the future, but Brooks, along with other students are claiming it just won’t be the same.

“Somebody who had an impact like that, they’re irreplaceable,” he said.

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