Polished up and ready for sneakers

The beginning of break, as well as the long-awaited arrival of a week off from school, did not hamper the level of excitement at Glenbrook Gymnasium on Nov. 25. Despite two disappointing opening-season loses by both the men’s and women’s basketball teams to Plymouth State, the revelation of the new-and-improved Glenbrook Gymnasium did all but disappoint. It was a night of firsts, as Castleton President David Wolk chose to put it. With a capacity crowd of 500, all anticipating the opening ceremony in addition to two back-to-back thrilling Basketball games, Wolk could only describe the atmosphere of the new gym as “electric.”

Besides the first games on the new floor, Castleton took part in its first Northeast Sports Network live web cast of both the women’s and men’s games. Castleton’s Mary Nienow scored a three-pointer for the first points ever in the new Glenbrook Gym.

In addition, the Castleton’s new Spirit Band, directed by Hank Vaughan, was exposed for the first time, and performed exceptionally well.

Castleton forward Marcus Hass accredited much of the excitement to the spirit band. The band features Music Department Chair Glenn Giles and approximately 20 other Castleton students.

“(They can) change the entire atmosphere,” Hass said.

To add to the ceremony, President Wolk presented both the women’s and men’s teams a souvenir plaque: a framed and refinished piece of the old, historic, gym floor with the Spartan logo, sporting the 1958-2008 insignia.

The remaining pieces of the floor were recycled and made into a massive sign reading Castleton, which now hangs opposite the bleachers.

The final part of the ceremony was dedicated to thanking several people who had been involved with the planning of the gym opening.

To finish it all off, President Wolk made the ceremonial toss-up before the games before the teams battled it out to conclude an exciting evening.

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