Letters from London

I’ll remember the cool London breeze hitting my face as I walk down the street, the sound of horns honking at each other, and the sound of pedestrians crossing the street at the incorrect time. The sweet smell of coffee in the morning, or the mouth-watering smell of dinner coming from the pubs and restaurants at night will not be easily forgotten. I’ll remember the feeling I get when I walk the streets of London. I’ll remember the feeling that when I leave the flat, I’m walking into a world of chaos, a world of desire, a world I’m so unfamiliar with and need to explore. I think that out of everything, I’ll remember how I spent the time of my life, sharing all the good times with my friends, and even some of the bad. I’ll remember how we spent a season of change together in this beautiful city, learning and growing from each other, sharing our laughs, smiles, tears, and hardships. And no matter where life takes us, a year from now, two years from now, or further on into the future, I will remember London.

Patrick Shortle was born and raised in Rutland, Vermont and is a sophomore theatre major whose hobbies include hanging with friends, sports and theatre. He enjoys pushing himself to his limits in regards to everything that he does. He would like to thank his family for making this trip possible and his friends both home and in London with him for the best times of his life.

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