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I hadn’t experienced the excitement that I felt prior to going home for last break in quite some time. My body demanded the comfort of my own bed, home cooked meals, and the presence of my friends and family. However, after being home for only two days, I began to notice several inconveniences.

The inadequacies of college that nearly every student complains about suddenly seemed completely necessary and relevant to maintaining a positive college experience.

I tend to regularly bitch and moan about not having anything to do. When I am not doing my homework, my friends and I are constantly looking for a place to go or people to see — anything to occupy us.

The reality is though, as I soon discovered when I went home, there is almost always something to do on campus.

The college frequently books live entertainment and provides weekly movie nights. It also contains two facilities that are almost always available: a swimming pool and a fitness center.

Plus, the need to get in my car and spend money on gas in order to see my friends is clearly unnecessary on campus. I simply have to walk a maximum of 200 yards to see my friends — instant company.

Although Huden meals are often a sore subject to me, my mother was all too reluctant to provide me with the food I constantly require. I have never been much of a chef, as I’m sure few college students are. On the other hand, Huden and Fireside almost always have my back.

Although students have to walk to watch the movies that the college puts on (all the way to Jeffords in the awful!), I did watch “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” while I was home and it just wasn’t the same as watching it on campus in Jeffords.

The Castleton movie nights are prepared in such a manor that students may feel as if they were actually at a movie theatre — minus the cushions. Plus, we don’t have to pay anything to see them (it now costs $8.00 to go out to the movies in Rutland.)

In addition, I deeply missed my high-speed Internet. If any of you have lived in upstate New York or parts of Vermont, than you are sensitive to the fact that in such places there are limited options for obtaining Internet as rapid as that provided by the school.

Not being able to check my Facebook every ten-minutes was rather brutal, I’m not going to lie. Oh, and I was also unable to do my homework . . .

Do not get me wrong though, I did enjoy every minute spent with my family and friends, despite the fact that my younger brother did want me out of the house the first day I was home. And it was also nice not having to spend all of my own money for a few days.

I truly appreciated my bed and good food, not having to wear sandals in the shower, or worry about painful water pressure.

However, I am going to be completely honest here: I definitely missed good old Castleton.

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