Construction driving some students crazy

No matter where you go on campus, it’s likely you’ll see construction of some sort. There is often something going on that may disturb your regular routine. It causes students to walk in different paths or go through different doors in buildings, but what does it do to those who live in campus housing nearby?

Those living in the buildings near the construction sites are disturbed more than anyone else. It causes them to take different paths not only to class but also to other places, such as fireside and now the newly moved mailroom as well.

In the morning it seems to be the worst for those living in Haskell, Adams, and Babcock Halls. Many mornings, students in these buildings wake to the loud bangs the sounds of machinery outside of the fireside cafe.

Several students reported it is more than annoying to be awoken by these sounds in the morning, especially when you do not need to wake up for a few more hours for class.

A student, who has asked to remain anonymous, claims that she hates the construction because of how her roommate acts. In the mornings when they are woken up by the construction going on outside of fireside, her roommate gets very upset because she has trouble sleeping to begin with, leaving her exhausted for class.

The roommate gets so frustrated that when she wakes up she slams the doors to her closet while getting ready for class.

This student reports that she is waiting for the day where her roommate will open up the window and yell at those who are working on the construction.

Caitlin Lawlor, a student who lives in Babcock Hall, states that she does not think the construction is too bad.

“I don’t enjoy being woken up by it, but it is not so loud that I cannot fall back asleep afterwards,” Lawlor said.

Another student, Emily Bission has a method to avoid the craziness of construction on campus, choosing to sleep with earplugs in.

This seems like a simple enough method but what about when the alarm clock goes off to wake her up? She also has a plan for that.

She activates the alarm setting on her cell phone, setting it to vibrate, and then puts the cell phone into her pillowcase. This way she does not wake up to construction but can still wake up go to class on time.

This construction is something students will be dealing with for a while and it may be hard for some. But students should try to look at it positively. The campus should look great when it’s done.

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