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Author Anthony Horowitz wondered “What if James Bond had been 14 years old?” The result of that thought was the book “Stormbreaker.” The main character, Alex Rider, has lived all his life with his Uncle Ian and a housekeeper known simply as Jack.

When Alex’s uncle dies, Alex is suspicious of the explanation he is given for the death. He ends up finding out that his Uncle had been killed. On top of that, his uncle had lied to him – Ian had never worked for a bank.

He worked for M16 (England’s version of the CIA). And now that organization wants Alex to work for them as well. Billionaire Herald Sayle is about to give England a lot of computers – of a new design called Stormbreaker. M16 thinks that Sayle is a bit suspicious. And they want Alex to finish the investigation that his uncle started — the investigation that killed his uncle.

“Stormbreaker” is the first in a series with more than five books. While it’s true that the series is geared towards pre-teens, most people will enjoy this fast and fun-paced story. Out of five stars, Stormbreaker claims them all.

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