A Non Trad’s View

This has been a long journey. I am thrilled to finally be at the end of the road. I have had a great trip through the world of academia. There is a mixture of relief and anxiety at having reached my goal. I have worked hard. My whole family has sacrificed so that I could go to college at an age most of my pears are thinking about getting ready for retirement.

I could not have done this with out the support of my husband and kids. Believe me when I tell you they are all breathing a sigh of relief.

I am anxious about what I will do now that I have a degree. I need a job and money. I started to send out resumes to any company that posted an opening. I was so freaked out I was applying for anything.

I found one job in the paper for a person to travel and organize the international trade show aspect of the company. I fired off a cover letter with the resume. When my husband came home I proudly told him all about it.

Leave it to him to bring perceptive to my life.

He asked me the name of the company and when I replied, “Stam and Rouger.” He looked at me as if I had two heads.

“You want to sell guns,” he asked.

I hadn’t thought about that! I was so worried about getting a job I didn’t think about what product I would be promoting.

That was a turning point. I created a plan that will allow me to substitute teach and keep my current part-time employment until the right job comes along. And I went to see Judith Carruthers.

Of course the family still can’t resist giving me a hard time about going to college to become an international arms dealer.

Now that is settled I can concentrate on enjoying the final days of my college career.

But wait it can’t be over yet. There are classes I still want to take — there must be stuff that I didn’t get to do. What have I missed?

I didn’t get drunk at the local bar. I didn’t get laid in the dorm, or smoke a pungent herb from the infamous hookah.

But on second thought . . .

If I really want to take more courses there is always graduate work. As far as that other stuff – I believe I took care of that back in ’77.

I have some hazy memories of a college frat house, Black Sabbath, bongs, Jack Daniels, quarters and kegs – Yup. Come to think of it, I haven’t missed a thing.

I guess the experience is complete. I’m ready to graduate.

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