The power of the doodle

It makes no difference what major you are, if you do regular art or if you’re an apt student. For one reason or another, some people just need to doodle. There are accounts of people who have never taken an art class at the college level, yet miraculously these same people may produce complex sketches at random with a general ease.

“It’s very non-threatening to doodlers because there’s no expectation of what you need to come out with,” Betsy, an art education professor, said.

How and where doodling arises, as well as the chosen content of each sketch, remains subjective to each student. What seems to induce doodling are classes that are “boring,” but doodles even appear in classes that students find “catch my attention,” says Sara McMillan. The classes I doodle in are the classes I most like, Claims ali.

The classes that students seem to have trouble dooding in are those that take constant stream of notes. In some classes, students don’t think to even doodle because there’s “no room” for it.

It seems the good qualities of doodling overrule the bad, for both students and teachers. . Some students will utilize doodles in a lesson to serve as a visual aid. Other classes, a student will use doodling as a means of escaping sub consciously. Like a nervous habit, stunts need to do something with their hands, this keeps the hands in action. As a surprise to me, not many professors on campus take offense to students partaking in drawing while lecturing, and students say they haven’t been disciplined for doodling since high school. Teachers think that doodling on some levels can stimulate the memory process. Some teachers even admire a good drawing. Although in some way doodling brings people to their own private worlds and away from their lessons, students still zone out in some classes without the aid of a pen.

Some people have doodled since they could write. Works in a dream like way. People use it as an escape. Tool for focus and “an escape”.

I have no bias opinion about doodles, their pro’s and con’s, how they function, how they surface; the data I have obtained from students and professors, I feel, speaks for itself.

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