Fresh Perspectives

Being that this is my first edition of my own Fresh Perspectives, I spent much time pondering what topics I would chose to write about, ones that may be of interest or concern to other freshman. I’ve certainly had my fair share of college experiences thus far, and there are many obvious changes that we, as freshman, must undergo when first introduced to college life. But which of these are most important?

We have now been here for eight weeks. Eight weeks in which we have endured cafeteria-style food, slept in uncomfortable dorm-style beds, attended non-alcoholic-style parties, and watched numerous soundings events.

Eight weeks in which we have listened to seemingly endless lectures that, although may have seemed excruciatingly boring at the time, will certainly be of significance in the end.

These first eight weeks have flown by for me. In fact, they have gone by so quickly that it feels impossible that eight weeks has actually passed. I recall coming here at the end of August and sensing a remote fear that I would not be seeing my parents for over a month — longer than I have ever gone before.

When I actually went home for October break a few weeks ago, I was astonished to discover that there was actually nothing to do in my monotonous home town.

I now desired to be away from home and to go back to good old CSC. It did reinforce though, that mom’s home-cooked meals and my bed are far cozier than what Castleton has to offer.

With the conclusion of this break comes the sudden approach of Halloween — I recently discovered that trick-or-treating is not permitted in the town of Castleton — and mid-semester point, accompanied with a billion papers to write and my ultimate hibernation in the library.

Plus, the shade of foliage is changing quite rapidly. I noticed a distinct change in the weather pattern the other day while walking to fireside for my weekly buffalo chicken calzone. Castleton also received its first snow this week and as you all know, this means that the rail outside of Ellis (the lovely building in which I reside) will soon be ready for use.

In other news, soccer season is nearing the end in addition to several other sports seasons at Castleton. “Grey’s Anatomy” is several episode’s in (McDreamy is still as hot as ever), and construction for our new and improved campus is underway.

In this case, I have yet to learn that I am not longer able to exit the back of fireside in the morning. I continuously find myself facing that stupid plastic fence, instantaneously turning around, hoping that nobody saw.

On a more serious note, the showers in Ellis still don’t work properly. The soccer field is officially destroyed (and evidently some intrepid students decided to climb the massive dirt pile and, consequently, got caught). Fireside will soon be gone. Stats class lives on and continues to bother me, and we still have several more weeks left until our next break; life is so hard.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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