Lovin’ lake livin’

After a few years of living in dorms, some college upperclassmen look to partake in a new style of living, a life of relaxation and with the beauty of living lakeside. Some students choose to stay close to campus within walking distance of their classes. But for others, there’s the call of Lake Bomoseen, a beautiful and peaceful lake not far from campus.

Three miles from the college, the shore of the lake has become one of Castleton’s most popular off-campus living areas. Students flock to apartments and houses for a more enjoyable and peaceful year. Unlike living on campus, the lake students say it “offers a more relaxing environment for students to concentrate on their studies.”

The quiet and laid back atmosphere seems to do something to keep students happy.

“I feel as if doing my work is easier to get done living on the lake,” said junior Jay Bascom, a first-year lakeside resident. “There aren’t as many people around to distract me as living in the dorms.”

In the early months of first semester, Bomoseen residents have access to water activities, heart pounding cliff jumps, good quality fishing, and exquisite sunsets.

“Every night I look out my back deck and see a gorgeous sunset,” said sophomore Alex Williams.

Bomoseen has always been known for its one of a kind sunsets and clean surroundings.

“The beautiful appearance is a good way for students to relieve their stress from school studies,” Williams said.

Along with fun activities, the lake is also very affordable for a college student’s budget. Overall expenses can actually be cheaper then living in the dorms depending on where you live, students said. With a decent loan and a steady income, students can enjoy an overwhelming experience.

“One thing about living on the lake that struck me was how affordable the living is,” said Lydia Jenks, first-year resident.

Students living the lake life can also enjoy some fine dining at places like the Lakehouse Restaurant, The Trak-In, and Crystal Beach Market and deli. Among all the great spots, the Crystal Market seems to be the most popular and affordable for the college lifestyle. It is only open Friday to Sunday, but has lots of fans.”

“We must be the hung-over spot,” said employee Eddie Carbonaro, with a big smile. “Most customers that we get on the weekends are college students.”

Crystal Market is located at the end of North Road and Route 30. The market has all the necessities for a college student. The best reviews were for the pizza and sandwiches –including the famous turkey, bacon and ranch sub.

“Living on the lake just puts me in a great mood and motivates me to do what I need to get done,” said Geoffrey Walker, a junior at Castleton.

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