Fresh Perspectives

So how was everyone’s October break? I hope it was good because we’re not going to get another until the end of November. It was good to see the family and some friends back home as well as my girlfriend, however I found myself wanting to come back here.

When I got back, all of the guys in our suite went to Huden for dinner and talked about how our breaks were. Truth be told, it was kind of nice to chill out with them again because I missed the guys.

Anyways, I heard about a girl who goes here who was in a very bad car accident. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and I wish her a speedy recovery from her injuries.

Now, I’m not stabbing anyone here, but some of us probably haven’t made the best decisions since we got here in August. I urge some of you to make some better decisions and think before you act.

It’s also time to start deciding who you want running the country. Honestly I think no matter what you are (democrat or republican), no one wants Sarah Palin in office.

From both what I have heard and what I know, everyone thinks she is well – dumb. I could not agree more. She thinks dinosaurs were around 4,000 years ago. Holy crap something is wrong with this lady’s brain! Even Matt Damon thinks something’s wrong with her!

So be smart about whom you vote for because, believe it or not, it could come down to you.

I was in English class a couple weeks ago and one of my classmates had his cell phone out on the desk and it was just sitting there. Well, the English teacher saw it and completely freaked out about the phone being out.

Now I understand that we are not supposed to use our phones, but come on. If it is out on the desk, then it’s not that big of a deal.

Of course after class we all picked on him, but we all also took his side and told him that we believe that he should not have gotten in trouble for just having his phone out on the desk to keep track of what time it was.

Now that the semester is just about half over, some of you are probably realizing that you need to get quite a few soundings events in. Well don’t worry; you’re not alone, as most of us are in the same boat with you guys. Make sure that you get all six of them done before the end of the fall semester.

Continue to have fun, but also get all of your work finished. I don’t really have anything else to say. Have a good week everyone and make sure to let the people you care about the most; know that you really care about them.

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