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Night of the Demons is a campy 80’s movie with ridiculous gore and terrible acting. The story line is this; a group of teens go to an old abandon funeral parlor to have a Halloween party but the house is haunted by evil spirits and one by one the teenagers get possessed by evil demons. Sound familiar? Yeah, because It’s an almost complete knock off of Evil Dead! Just replace the old funeral parlor with an old cabin and there you go! Evil Dead was 100 times better than this cinetrash. Even the name is a rip off of Night of the Living Dead, another movie which is 100 times better. It could also be said that they ripped off the Italian movie DŠmoni which translates as Demons. So, the story line of Evil Dead + the title of Night of the Living Dead and Demons = Night of the Demons, one of the worst movies ever made.

Don’t let the review quotes fool you, it is not “a carnival house of horror!”-Creature Features Movie Guide. It’s more like one of those really cheap carnivals that promises you really cool rides and fun games but all you get is a rusty roller coaster that goes in circles and when you play a game (after spending $8 to play) all you get as a prize is a ratty old stuffed animal that looks like it’s been hanging out in the gutter.

It might look really cool but it’s not! Just like cigarettes. NOTD (put in a L and you NOTLD=Night of the Living Dead!) is just like cigarettes. Doing it once or twice might not be too bad but once you get into it, you’ll slowly start to die from the inside. Cigarette ads lie to you and say it’s so cool to smoke. This movie advertisement lied to me, this movie is not cool. Another lie is that one of the monsters which is featured on the DVD box wasn’t even in the movie! The actor was, but the make up wasn’t that good in the movie!

Some of the dialogue is also quite excellent, such as the line, “Can we please leave now? (No one says anything) I guess not.” Shakespeare couldn’t write better dialogue than that. You can really tell when the scriptwriters take their time to put out a finely tuned heap of rusty celluloid.

One of my favorite scenes is the random musical moment. Unfortunately there was no singing but there was a very bizarre interpretive dance sequence. One of the characters was possessed and she just started to dance, well it actually looked like convulsions to me. Since she was a demon who was dancing, I guess an undead dancer possessed her. Why else would she be dancing instead of eating the guy’s brains out (who was just standing there watching it)?

Final verdict? One of the worst movies ever made, or one of the best if you’re really sick and twisted. Night of the Demons is a terrible movie and should be watched by all because of its awesome awfulness. Just to make matters even better, Night of the Demons is being remade! The only way this could be a good remake is that they didn’t make it at all. Put the movie in a coffin, nail it shut, bury it and forget it. I’m sorry ma’m but there’s nothing else we can do. We have to pull the plug. Oh please do.

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