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Tyler St. Claire owns a successful business called Bloodstone Inc. Along with her partners Jubal, Isaac, and Noelle, Tyler makes the jewelry that their customers buy. The only secret Tyler has kept from her close friends is the fact that she’s psychic.Bloodstone by Gwen Hunter is a novel of suspense. There is romance, and finding where you belong. And uncovering secrets. For when Tyler was younger, her brother Davie disappeared for a few years. And even now that he’s been back for more years than he’d been missing, he hasn’t told her why. Tyler may have to find out why, because Davie disappeared again. But this time, there was evidence that he was kidnapped. And Tyler knows that Davie would never leave his daughter, Jane, by herself. Now Tyler, with the help of a cop who is also psychic, must find her brother before the kidnappers kill him.

Bloodstone is a good novel. While there is much danger, at points it also seems like a light read. Classified as a thriller, Bloodstone lives up to that and more. Five out of five stars.

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