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Well holy crap. It’s the end of the semester! There are a few thanks I’d like to give out. First, I’d like to thank the overpriced books that cost me $400 this semester (and how many times did I really look at them?).

Second, my laptop. Had it not busted and needed to be fixed, I wouldn’t have spent so much time on my desktop. Thanks.

What else should I mention? How about the two weeks everything seemed to be due at once? I needed two articles and two papers due within minutes of each other, and one of those things suffered for it. Merci, arigatou, gracias.

Last but not least, the bad cold I had for a little more than a week right before finals. I couldn’t have finished without you.

Now, all sarcasm aside, this semester has really flown by – with or without the hurdles. Naturally, I will look back and laugh at some things and despite the hard times, I’ll miss this place.

I’m facing a crisis: I don’t know if I want to stay around here or not and considering the lack of jobs for journalism students, I might have to move.

So I am worried about the fact that I have to contemplate that and also the fact that if I move, my boyfriend goes with me. If he moves away from Vermont, he’ll need a job too.

Now that it’s the end, I feel like I have nothing to write anymore. It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).

Perhaps I should prattle on about my plans for the coming summer.

After settling the job front, I should probably get another car. I’ve had the same car for four years and she’s rusty and really needs to be replaced.

I also want to have some fun this summer. Last year we had just settled into Poultney and were broke. We lived less than an hour from Lake George and couldn’t even enjoy that luxury.

I want to have some fun this summer. I know, I’m supposed to be an adult and all responsible. Blah, blah, blah.

I want to have fun!

But first I need sun block.

One more week. How’d I do this?

I knew last year that I had planned to graduate in the spring, but to be honest I didn’t actually think it would happen.

It’s like Christmas: you can’t wait for it to happen, then when it’s Christmas Eve you wonder where the time went. Then when it’s over, you wish you’d spent more time enjoying the winter. Well, at least I do.

I am getting awfully nostalgic right now and it’s kinda bringing me down. I remember crazy times and sad times.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get reminiscent and make this all about “what I’ve learned.” But interestingly enough, I am indeed doing thus.

I know I will forever hear my advisor’s voice in the back of my head when I’m reporting a story, and will think about all the people I met this year.

I will leave you all, for the last time, with the final quote of the year. Stay sweet ya’ll and remember: listen loud.’til your ears bleed!

“It hurts to set you free/But you’ll never follow me/The end of laughter and soft lies/The end of nights we tried to die” The Doors – “The End

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