New WIUV studio still planned

WIUV, the campus radio station, will have a new home by Fall ’09. “It’s always been in the plan,” President Dave Wolk said.

Currently WIUV is nestled in the basement of Haskell Hall, but will be moved to the Campus Center during the next stage of renovation.

“The radio station will be a very visible and accessible place in the Campus Center,” Wolk said. “It will largely be glassed in so folks walking by can glance in and see what is going on.”

There has been some confusion on whether or not the radio station will be moved because of the price it would cost, but Wolk assures students that the Campus Center will house WIUV although no final plans have estimates have been completed.

Originally the entire Communication department was to be moved to the Campus Center after being scattered across campus. The TV studio, currently in the Fine Arts Center, will move into an extension of Leavenworth Hall where the faculty and newspaper office already reside.

The construction of the Campus Center, Leavenworth addition, and athletic field projects will be completed simultaneously.

The landscaping for the final phase of the Castleton Student Initiative began this week. Construction on Glenbrook Gym is scheduled to start on Monday.

“That there’s a lot going on is an understatement,” Wolk said.

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