The Proper use of balconies

The music floating from the 2nd floor balcony of Morrill Hall could be barely heard over the sounds of the skateboarders below. An unusually large group of skateboarders gathered in front of Morrill on Saturday afternoon, in support of “Sean and Sam’s Saturday Sesh.”

Freshman Sam Shapiro and senior Sean McIntyre hosted the balcony jam, which ran from 1 to 4 p.m. A handful of guitarists tore it up on the balcony, while a drummer wailed away in front of the Morrill building entrance.

The jam was not just a good time, but also a “punishment” for Shapiro and McIntyre. According to Shapiro, the two had been previously caught smoking on the balcony.

They were originally set up to do nine hours of community service, but McIntyre came up with an “alternative” type of punishment.

The reasoning they gave Area Coordinator Brittany Wooten, was, “A balcony jam would just be awesome and at the same time we could educate students on policies,” said McIntyre.

According to the Castleton student handbook, balconies can not be used for any form of smoking, items can not be thrown off or onto the balconies, and no one may use a balcony to enter or exit the residence halls.

These policies are well-known, but not always well-followed.

“I think the event was a success. We were able to show that you can have fun on balconies without breaking the policies,” said McIntrye. “We should have events like it every weekend.”

“A lot of people were there. The weekends are lame here, so it was fun for everyone who went,” said Shapiro.

It seemed as if the crowd agreed. Not only skateboarders and jammers seemed to be having a good time. More students continued to show up as the “sesh” went on.

“It’s definitely good to use the balconies this way,” said senior Michelle Page, who is friends with Shapiro and McIntyre. “Everybody hanging out like this is fun.

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