Senior Column

After eight years of not touring, five of which they were disbanded, Stone Temple Pilots are regrouping and will tour starting May 17.Who’s excited?

Counting Crows, Sevendust, apparently Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Hanson, Dave Matthews Band.

I will ask again: Who’s excited?

Not really sure, but I think I might be.

I haven’t had a good summer of music for so long. It seems overdue, and for once, I am close to a venue that actually gets big names!

Aside from being petrified about graduating in about a month, I am excited at the prospect of a real job. How many times have I scrambled to find a job I hate just to pay bills?

After paying bills, there is little left for play, so hopefully this year is different.

I know that the journalism job market is scarce right now, but I am trying to keep a sunny disposition, and how can I not?

Now that the fear of failing any of my classes has long passed, I am looking forward to getting out and experiencing life as an adult.

I’m not lying when I say that up until this point I was in denial. Now I have to grow up.

Just by making a few solid financial decisions – paying off my $800 credit card in collections instead of buying clothes – my credit scores have jumped ten – fifteen points.

This is a good thing, since after graduation I should consider a new car (new to me). I have had my current car for almost four years. She’s rusty, she’s noisy and it’s time to move on.

I have to wait to see what I can afford, and hopefully it’s nice. My boyfriend seems to think that I should get a 1980-something car that will end up needing so much work; it’d be better to just buy a new one.

I made my case: I want something that I can buy and drive off the lot in and not need to spend three months on the lawn getting fixed up.

Am I being too picky?

*insert smiley face here*

I am feeling a lot better about my choices. I’ve decided that my freak out was due to Senioritis. Everybody questions their career, and when you find yourself doing that, you are scared to death.

What’s better, is I’ve been getting feedback from people about my past columns, and it’s so great to hear that I’m not alone, and also, I am helping others realize that too.

A friend considered getting her Masters, but after reading one of my columns she remembered that her senior year was hell and didn’t want to live through that again.

She was thankful; it wasn’t like I talked her out of it. It’s just good to remember what a pain this is before attempting it again.

Disclaimer: Going to college, slaving over papers, homework, and finals.Worth it.

Never again will I have to say, “Would you like fries with that?”

Knock on wood.

“I can’t get to sleep/ I think about the implications/ of diving in too deep/ and possibly the complications/ I worry over situations/ I know will be alright/ it’s just overkill.” Colin Hay – “Overkill

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