Hillary’s bitter pill to swallow

I’m bitter.How can I not be?

The economy is in the shithouse. More and more jobs are flocking overseas. We’re paying absurd amounts of cash for oil.

We’re dumping gazillions of tax dollars into a corn-based ethanol “earth friendly” fuel that doesn’t do anything but raise food prices and create MORE pollution.

We’re locked in a pointless war with no end in sight. I’m buried to the ears in student loans, with no guarantee that I’ll find work after college.

And the neo-Nazi jackoffs of the Westboro Baptist Church are still allowed to breathe the same air as me.

Bitter? Please. Don’t get me started.

Which is why I’m so Incredible Hulk-pissed and dumbfounded by “Queen” Clinton’s latest attempt to kamikaze not only her opponent Barack Obama, but also her entire party.

Obama made some comments a few days ago, which basically said that working class, blue-collar Americans are “bitter,” upset with their own circumstances and the current state of politics, “clinging to guns and religion” as a result.

Naturally, Hilldog pounced all over that little bit of out-of-context sound byte, brandishing Obama as a political “elitist” who is “out of touch with working class Americans.”

So let’s stop and think for a second. Really think. Maybe reread the first few lines of my rant again. Simmer in it for a few minutes.

Now think about Hillary’s “out of touch” assumption. Does it seem perhaps a little – out of touch?

I was in a Wal-Mart in Ticonderoga, N.Y. this weekend. If you ever want to see first hand the damage that large corporations do to small towns, you need look no further than the boarded up windows of its empty main street shops.

I spoke with a checkout clerk — a former Marine – making small talk about the pets we own and whatnot (I was buying kitty litter, so he was curious). Nice guy. Nice tattoo.

But as I rolled my rickety old cart back to my car, I couldn’t help but wonder about him. A former U.S. MARINE can’t even find work that pays better than Wal-Mart.

I know college grads that still live unemployed at home with mom and pop. I know people with boatloads of experience that can’t land jobs in their field.

I have family and friends that place blame on various races and social demographics, simply because they need someone or something to scream at.

Some of the sanest people I know say some of the craziest things.

But that was exactly the point Obama was trying to make. That there are people in this country – lots of people – who are sick and tired of being left behind and need someone to point the finger at.

They’re the ones who work six days a week for $6 an hour just to afford their rent on a one-bedroom studio apartment. They’re the ones who are laid off and left with no retirement plan after a lifetime of service to a company.

They’re the “yes sirs and yes ma’ams” of the world. The working-class grinding grunts who constantly give their all in hopes of moving up the social ladder, so that they might be able to afford to eat at Applebee’s once a month with their kids.

And you know what else? They’re PISSED OFF!

Maybe somewhere deep in the magical Kingdom of Clinton, lies a place where every blue-collar American smiles and asks for seconds each time his country takes a giant shit on him.

But the rest of us know better. Obama dealt a hard piece of sugar-free reality to America, which is exactly the kind of splash in the face it needed right now.

In Hillary’s world, perhaps candy-coating reality in layers of self-serving political correctness really does make the medicine go down easier for some people.

But it still tastes like shit to me.

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