Hanson’s new mission

Ten years after their mainstream success, the Hanson brothers have proven there’s more to them than just “MMMBop.” Playing at Higher Ground in Burlington on April 23, Hanson will be performing their eleventh show in the third leg of “The Walk” tour.

The tour, which strives to raise awareness of poverty and AIDS in South Africa, kicks off with a one-mile barefoot walk before each show.

During a phone interview, Isaac Hanson talked about what inspired the band to support the cause.

“In large part, some friends of ours were developing some medical technology to donate to some hospitals,” said Isaac.

The band accompanied their friends to South Africa, and were “really inspired” by the experience.

“If you embrace a cause, you need to be willing to embrace it all your life,” said Isaac.

By selling the single “Great Divide,” t-shirts, and shoes, Hanson hopes to get people involved on a direct level.

Hanson, whose members have always associated themselves as more of a rock band, believes that only their youth affected people’s views of their music early on.

“If you come to Hanson show you will see the same band you saw 10 years ago, just 10 years older,” said Isaac, through a bit of a laugh.

With a diverse mix of old songs, new music and covers, Isaac believes, “.you’ll have one hell of a time.”

Tickets are available at www.highergroundmusic.com for $27, or you can pick them up at the door for $3 more.

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