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HEY GIRL HEYYYY! Its finally SPRING and it has SPRUNG us into high gear for the fashion forward ladies and gents of good ole’ CSC! I have been super impressed by the runway walks through the crosswalks, the diva like “big sunglasses” some of you hotties are sporting, and most of all I am impressed with how each and every single person on campus is making fashion their own identity. See I can be nice. So let’s look at the hottest Spring trends for the Lalala ladies on campus! From world inspired fashions, bright colored hues to even, yes I will say it , the SHIRTDRESS, you can look amazing on either end of a budget. Work it out mary! Let’s start the show…..Trend 1: Bright colors are the “in” for those that want to look like hot butta! YELLOW is mellow and is making a strong comeback this season. Not everyone can wear yellow, but most can try. PURPLE is the new black, and Pink is not for the ladies of Greece anymore! A hickey from Kinickey is no longer a hallmark card, but the pink sleeveless top by Julie Haus is definitely a HOT item for the spring! Work the pink, gold, purple, yellow and oranges. They are no longer the colors of fruit we love to eat, but the colors of hottness walking through Huden! WOrk the tray honey work it!

Trend 2: Global Inspirted Fashions. These artsy inspired skirts, dresses and tops are making the rounds all over the globe. From aztec prints on skirts, from the Von Furstenburg collection, to halter dressed inspired from the kabooki theaters of Japan…you can look amazing and fashion friendly in these types of items. Now, I am not a huge fan of the print, becuase not everyone can wear a print. Remember to know your body type…polka dots are not for everyone and neither are florals, paisleys, or even geometric designs. One of the hottest designers right now doing this type of work is Naeem Khan. Check it out..becuase you know that you will use it up and wear it out and look fierce rocking high end at the DAWG!

Trend 3: the Shirtdress! Yes, I know, can you say “mama’s housecoat” from the 60’s. I think that this type of dress really works if you have curves, HIPS SISTER HIPS and are not afraid to show them off a little. Debra Rodman, a new up and coming designer, has a great white shirt dress that is absolutely CUTIE PATOOTIE! Yes it retails for over $300.00 but it is really adorable. Now, try thinking outside the box in this case. The dress comes in a really crisp white with a great collar. You could wear it with some sandals, the hot espedril is making a comeback as well, or really “street” it up wiht some high black boots, some big hoops, slick your hair into a tight pony and work the hell out of the dress. No one says you cannot infuse some of your personal style into these looks! Try it…you will never know how it works until you do!

Trend 4: The cocktail short. Ok I am all about feeling comfortable, but cmon who the hell has ever really wanted to wear something called a “cocktail short.” You dress up for a reason. To make yourself feel good, look good, play good and make the rest of the people around you a bit jealous. I do not think that the “cocktail” short is necessarily a good idea. That’s just me though. But it seems to be popular in places where I guess shorts are the “norm”, like Alaska, the Arctic and Iceland! Keep the shorts for the gym…do not wear them to a black tie event please!

I figured that this trendy list will give some of you some inspiration to get out there and spend some money. Uncle Sam I am sure has sent some of you a few nice checks for doing your duties as taxpaying citizens. Head on down to the outlets and snatch up some goodies. Hit the Coach store, drop by BCBG, head over to Theory and stop by the BANANA and try out some of the new items for Spring. Remember, ulimtately how you dress on the outside is a reflection of how you are feeling on the inside. I am glad to see alot of you have “retired” the sweats to the floor of your dorm room, and the lipglass is on thick. Finally, yes its that time for sandals, so next week we will attempt to talk about the DO’s and DO NOT’s regarding pedi’s and sandal/flip flop season! WASH THOSE TOES, no one wants to see the fungus amongus while sitting in class.

Looking good and feeling gorgeous
Until next time


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