Dodging frisbees is worth the wait

Spring is here and students are trapped in another game of Frogger. Along with the sun, the inevitable ball and Frisbee throwers and skateboarders start showing their faces again.

It is a perpetual game of dodge ball to get to classes through the hacky sack players and Frisbee throwers. Getting to Huden through the never ending game of basketball in the courtyard unscathed is more of an accomplishment than finding a parking spot outside the houses.

Not to mention, the hordes of skateboarders racing down the sidewalks ready to run some students over on their way to class: 50 points for every freshman you run down.

No wonder people stop coming to classes – it’s dangerous to get there. Oh yeah, and the sun comes out of its six-month long hibernation.

Just because students burned their three sick days on snowboarding and skiing, doesn’t mean they won’t take advantage of the sun. Suffering a minor drop in the GPA is no match for having to sit in an hour long lecture when you can be lounging outside. That’s definitely a no-brainer.

As devastating as it is to have a rainy or snowy spring day, it drives those sun-loving freaks inside, leaving the rest of us to safely get to classes on time without lunging for safety as a skateboarder heads at you dead on.

But what is this warm for two days, freezing-for-three-days, warm-for-one-day business? Most people took their winter clothes home during SPRING break. Doesn’t spring mean warm – or at the very least mean you can safely put your winter coat in storage for next year?

Guess not.

Do you bring a jacket or just short sleeve shirts when you come to school? The answer is more complex than a calculus problem with this temperamental weather.

Those sunny days beckon people out to linger and chatter. For every skateboarder you meet, there are two people who want to have a long conversation even though you are late for a meeting or class.

These are the people you haven’t seen since the beginning of the semester because one or the other of you were on the mountain or cooped up in a room drinking hot chocolate to warm up.

Everyone is suddenly chatty, doing anything it takes to linger a couple minutes longer in the warm sun before entering the dreaded class. Then if they are lucky or persuasive enough, the students can get the class to convene outside where there are too many distractions to pay attention to the professor.

It is hilarious how many students are so eager for the sun that they will pull out their shorts and go sunbathing when the temperature reaches 50 degrees. People in most other states would still be donning their jackets every morning and talking at the coffee pot how cold it is. Not Vermonters. Apparently after wearing flip-flops all winter, any increase in temperature seems like spring.

For a state that people come to for the winter season and leave for the summer, it is odd how many people react to the sun in this manner. Even the snowboarders sigh with relief after they hit Killington one last time.

The truth is winter lasts way too long in Vermont. You can admire the piles of snow turned ice for only so long. It gets old slipping and sliding on the ice to grab some food in Huden, although the snow days are a plus.

Nothing can compare to walking outside without spending precious minutes layering up so you can make it to class before being frostbitten.

Maybe dodging skateboarders is a small price to pay in order to enjoy the sun – it only lasts so long.

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