Movie Review: Vantage Point

A movie theater is the best place and the worst place to watch a movie. You get the huge screen that you would never get at home. There are also the loud surround sound speakers which can totally immerse you in the movie, assuming it’s a good movie. It is also the worst place because of the disturbances caused by the other moviegoers. Not everyone present is a big movie buff or there to even watch the movie.

One of my friends once said, “Going to the movies isn’t all about watching a movie, it’s about being with your friends.”

Well let me tell you, the last time I went to the movie theater a large group of teenage anarchists took that to heart.

Last Friday I went to MoviePlex 9 to watch Vantage Point. It was a good movie, but the experience of watching it, was not.

I should have known better than seeing the movie on a Friday night; it was a bad mistake. Saturday night and Friday night is when all the teen boppers go out and make a ruckus.

They definitely made quite an annoying ruckus at the movie theater.

About half of the theater was full of noisy, infuriating little people which had no sense of self awareness and no respect to their elders or anyone besides themselves. Being amongst them, I felt like I was in a day care, which was run by adults that did nothing to quiet down the disturbance.

If you’re sitting close to someone with a cell phone, the most annoying thing that can happen is for their phone to start ringing and they answer or just opening the phone exposing the cell phone glow and the owner starts to text.

While watching Vantage Point, a boy at about 15 years old starts to text someone on his cell phone. I wouldn’t have minded this if he did it before the movie started, but he was doing it while the movie was playing.

This is completely distracting because the glare of the light immediately takes you out of the movie and back into reality, which was the whole purpose of watching the movie in the first place, escaping reality. This is rude and bad theater etiquette.

Another example of bad theater etiquette is walking in late. I know I’ve arrived to a movie late and had to snag a seat after the movie started, but I didn’t make myself a big distraction.

Two (yet again) teenagers who arrived late to the show ran down the aisle with their arms full of large containers of popcorn and soda and continued to laugh loudly as they got into their seats. Their friends decided to participate in the giggling as well.

I’m not saying that having fun is wrong, but making this sort of commotion and having this kind of fun does not belong in a movie theater while the movie is being shown.

If these adolescents were polite, then they would have walked down the aisle and quietly sat down. I don’t want to sound like a grumbling old man, but when it comes to respecting other people’s movie experience you need to be considerate.

Out of all of the disturbances that happened, the one funny thing which occurred was when someone who was sitting behind me asked her friend, “Is this movie supposed to be good?”

As soon as I heard that, I was thinking, ‘No, it was made to be a bad movie.’

That at least lightened the atmosphere of the room a little bit. I guess I wasn’t in so much of a vantage point to watch the movie as I was in a vantage point to be a witness to the teenage youth running ramped.

Those crazy teenagers and their rock and roll music!

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