Feastivities bakery open on Castleton’s Main Street

Walking into Festivities catering and Bake shop, one is bombarded with the delicious smells of freshly baked muffins, Danishes and other alluring treats.This newly opened bakery on Main Street in Castleton, though unassuming on the outside, carries a warm friendly feel inside, mostly because of its owners.

Ariana and Bill Hieber first decided to open a bakery through the encouragement from friends and clients of their catering service.

“People wanted Bill’s baked goods and not have a party to get them,” Ariana said.

After four years in the catering business, the couple decided to expand their business into a previously rented part of their house. The bakery is run by Bill, who creates each baked product from his own recipes.

“Being in a big family, I had to cook for myself,” he said.

Ariana, who has many years of experience in the service business, can be found at the register greeting each customer.

The interior of the bakery, just newly refurbished, is inviting. It features pictures of their catering events decorating their walls and has the smell warm soup wavering in the air. And the display case, holding all of the baked goods, jumpstarts your apatite.

“Our blueberry muffins go pretty quickly,” Ariana said, adding that everything is made mostly of natural ingredients offering another reason to enjoy these baked goods without guilt.

The bakery was only a natural extension from the catering business.

“We’re definitely a family business.” says Ariana with a smile. “Friends and family would come to help us every time we had a catering event.”

Frank Williamson, a resident of Castleton, seemed excited about the new bakery.

“It’s a good idea, pleased it’s here,” he said.

Williamson went on to say the bakery would bring more activity to Castleton.

Laura Olson, a Castleton student, when hearing of the new bakery, was excited at having another option in town.

“It’s definitely a good thing for Castleton. The more we can do in Castleton the better,” she said.

Not only can you have your party catered by Festivities, but you can also order any pie or cake and pick it up when you want.

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