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When I hear others talk about their college experiences, I fondly travel back to my years at Castleton. This journey evokes feelings of success, belonging, gratitude, and happiness. These feelings descend from many rich memories of four fabulous years of dedicated friends, challenging and supportive professors and an eclectic social environment.

When I began thinking about what I wanted in my college experience, my decision to attend CSC was easy. It was important for me to continue playing sports, belong to a small community, and pursue a degree in education.

Growing up in Arlington, Vt. as an avid athlete and active community member, Castleton’s athletic program and small, Vermont college community had an overwhelming appeal.

While attending CSC, I played women’s basketball and participated in seasonal intramurals. Lifelong friendships were initiated, and I began to take pride in local philanthropy.

I graduated in 1993 with my Bachelor of Social Work. These experiences, athletic, academic, and social, greatly influenced my professional direction and personal values by reinforcing the strong foundation for success in life. Although the seeds of my values had been planted, teamwork, resiliency, motivation, dedication, curiosity, and compassion flowered in my years at CSC.

Since graduation 15 years ago, I have worked with a variety of populations as a residential and teaching assistant at Perkins School for the Blind in Boston, Mass., as the Parks and Recreation director in Hartland, Vt., and as director of Student Life and Athletics in Dorset, Vt.

In 2002, I received my master’s degree in education, and I taught third grade at Manchester Elementary Middle School in Manchester, Vt. for four years before moving into my current position as the assistant principal.

Every day becomes more rewarding than the last, as I realize this truly is my life’s work.

As I continue on this expedition called life, it takes little effort for me to see the connection between my past experiences at Castleton State College and my life today. Castleton greatly contributed to my academic and social foundation, which continues to reinforce my personal and professional values as well as contributing to my growing passion for education and life.

Sarah is currently living in Arlington, Vt, with her husband, a Social Studies teacher, their two Labrador retrievers, and two cats. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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