WIUV hurt by turnover, staff optimistic

Early last month, 18 Castleton State College WIUV club members and DJ’s poured in to the radio station to attend a meeting. They situated themselves on the 1970’s era bright orange and yellow couches and prepared to discuss some important issues pertaining to the station. Student Roy Mercon, who just took over as general manager of the radio station, sat at the center of the meeting in a bright red sweatshirt and Red Sox pajama pants. Tension hovered in the room as difficult issues were brought up.

“You need to clean up this radio station, it is disgusting! It should be the way it was when we first came in this year. Do you remember what it looked like?” Mercon said.

Some members sat in silence while others protested their cleaning abilities.

Other issues were also raised like disappearing CD’s, and DJ’s who don’t show up for their shows.

However the big topic was the budget. It had not been approved yet, and was in the hands of the Student Association. Mercon told members about a recent meeting he had with administration members to secure the budget for the radio station.

“We will have a $1,000 to book bands, what recommendations to you have?” Mercon said.

The club members made some suggestions based on their favorite bands or bands that had been at Castleton in the past, and then they argued over what bands and styles of music would be good for Castleton.

Mercon handed out a sample survey for the members to look at. It was designed for Castleton State College students to give input on what they want from WIUV 91.3. After the creative juices started to flow, ideas were presented from students.

DJ Sarah Parker, an Elected Counsel member, said, “We should go more mainstream and open them up to listen.”

By the end of the meeting, the members seemed very excited about the different ideas presented to help build a presence for WIUV at Castleton State College.

After the first meeting ended, Counsel members stayed to discuss the success of the meeting and wrap up other issues. Mercon and the rest of the Elected Counsel members agreed the meeting went well and they were happy with the results.

DJ Talia Roy and DJ Jo Amnadoolan started their show after the meetings ended.

Amnadoolan sat next to the microphone wearing a Santa Claus hat and frantically looking for music. Roy sat across from her, picking out music from her laptop to be played that evening.

The phone rang and both girls screamed with delight.

“We never get phone calls, this is so exciting!” Roy said.

It was a request from a former DJ of the radio station. They immediately searched for the song requested.

“We never get phone calls, the students don’t understand that we will play whatever they want. They can call the request line any time, the number is 468-1377” Amnadoolan said.

While songs played, they talked about the problems going on with the radio station.

“The seniors from last year left us with nothing,” Roy said

They also vented about a lack of direction on how to run the radio station by the previous seniors. Despite the problems, however, both were hopeful about the future of the station.

“We’ve got a pretty good crew down here, and the station is only going to get better” Amnadoolan said.

DJ Terry Jay from WJJR 98.1 started his long radio career at WIUV many years ago.

“First station I ever worked on was WIUV. It was great, crazy, and insane. I worked with really talented people that went on to do important things. I was really lucky to work the people I did and learned a lot,” Jay said.

Amnaldoolan and Roy are hoping to be saying similar things about the station years after they leave.

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