SA president seeks out changes

Have you ever felt like the students have no say with what goes on at Castleton State College? Do you ever feel like you are paying a lot of money to go here, and there should be someone who listens to your opinions on what goes on here? Well then you need to talk to Corey Gray, president of the Student Association.

“When I ran for president I felt that I could represent the average student and thought that I had enough knowledge about the college to do so,” Gray said in a recent interview.

The day Gray took office, the changes began immediately. The Student Association officers, who last year seemed unreachable, were now having regular office hours in the Campus Center.

Gray himself was seen around campus trying to get to know everyone and figure out how the Student Association could help the students and the organizations they belonged to.

“Corey sees the whole picture. He has the interest of students and the college at heart,” said Joanne Pencak, who is the faculty advisor for the Business Club.

“He has helped us in many ways especially with organizing our Phi Beta Lambda mentoring dinner” said Pencak.

Gray has also spent a lot of time building strong relationships with President David Wolk, Dean of Students Gregory Stone, and Coordinator of Student Activities Melissa Paradee to help get the students voice heard.

“When he was elected, I thought he was full of energy and he was ready to take a leadership role to help the student body, and change the college for the future,” Paradee said.

Wolk too heaped praise on the new SA president.

“Corey is one of the best SA presidents we have ever had at Castleton. He is very dedicated, diligent, mature and responsible. Corey is a leader of the student government as well as a leader of the varsity ski team,” Wolk said. ” I have a lot of respect for Corey, and I appreciate all of his efforts on behalf of the students and the college.”

Gray said he has shown he is ready to help make a change at this college by working with Wolk and giving some ideas for the new Campus Center and athletic facilities.

He has spent a lot of time building a sparkling reputation with faculty, and whoever you ask, you always hear something positive about him, including students.

Even (with) Student Senate member Joe Ransmeier, who doesn’t always see eye to eye with Gray, says “Sometimes I disagree with his methods, but I never question his dedication or intentions. He does his best to listen to students and makes sure their voices get heard.”

When asked if there was one thing he would like students to know about his position as president of the Student Association, Gray said, “I would like to students to know that there really is no limit to what students can do on campus. I have to yet to hear another student’s idea that was not possible. There is enough support from the administration at this school that if a student is willing to put in the work they can do just about anything they want.

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