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Ever thought what the world might be like if the human race was completely stupid? Well Mike Judge (the creator of Office Space and Beavis and Butt Head) has answered your request. The film Idiocracy explores the possibility of what the world would be like if in 500 years the human race’s intelligence level gradually declines. Idiocracy is like a good movie. It was like about this guy who went into the future and like saw a bunch of like stewped people doing stuff. I think you should go and like watch this movie, cause it’s like cool.

That’s just a small example of how Idiocracy is; the journey of stupidity and all of its hilarious glory. All of the half gallon buckets of soda and cheese whiz you would ever want (or need) is in this movie. Mike Judge simply took what makes us like look a bunch of idiots and super sized it (yes that’s one of them). Even the government is turned into an idiotic group of clowns (sound familiar?).

Luke Wilson plays the part of Joe Bauers, your average Joe. Even his medical records are an exact average. Joe is a librarian in the military who is hoping to do his whole service time in the army’s library, which no one ever visits. Since he has a complete average record of everything, the military sees him as the prime test subject for their cryogenic experiment.

Since this is a movie, the experiment goes wrong and instead of waking up a year later he wakes up 500 years later. He wakes up to a world as I mentioned before, a world ruled by Idiocracy. When captured by the police, he is made to get a bar code on his wrist and take an IQ test. Since he is from a time of a higher IQ he is seen as the world’s smartest man and must solve all of the world’s problems.

This movie’s main highlight is it’s social commentary on society today. Even though it was very outlandish and took place 500 years into the future, it still speaks of what is happening today. Mike Judge seemed to want to tell society that the majority of society is quite stupid.

This is so because quite a few points in the movie are just like in real life. One example is that everyone knows electrolytes are in Gatorade but no one knows why they are or why they are good for you. It’s just what people need.

Another example is the bombardment of advertisement. Every day ads are thrown at us in every direction and all places we go to. This is shown in the film by having ads filling most of a huge TV screen leaving very little place for the programs. It is also shown with the clothes people wear, which are completely covered in ads.

All in all Idiocracy is a very funny movie with a good message. If people watch it with an open mind they will see how it is comparing us and realize what we are doing is wrong. We need to stop letting ourselves be over run with the advertisements and frivolous materialism. Idiocracy is not an exact representation since not every one is an idiot, but for those that are, it’s pretty darn close. If you want your mind to be expanded and realize what direction we could be going into, watch Idiocracy. It’s like an awesome movie!

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