Green is more than the school color

The Castleton State College Community has taken the initiative to sign petitions asking President Wolk to become part of the Presidents Climate Commitment. By signing the petitions that have been circulating the campus, community members are demonstrating their eagerness to create a cleaner climate and promote sustainable energy consumption at Castleton State College.

The Presidents Climate Commitment is an effort that addresses global warming. Institutional commitments are constructed to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions, as well as promote research and educational efforts in order to provide society with the knowledge to re-stabilize the earth’s climate.

In response to the growing concerns with the Earth’s climate change, the Presidents Climate Commitment establishes a framework and support for colleges and universities around America to go climate neutral. This Commitment understands that educational institutions have the responsibility of training the individuals who will develop solutions to reverse the problems of global warming.

Presidents who choose to sign on to this Commitment pledge to eliminate their campuses’ greenhouse gas emissions over time with specific action plans.

Natalie Brassill, who is the Sustainability Coordinator, believes that the petition helped all of the members of the Castleton Community become more aware of the consequences that global warming has on the Earth. Natalie stated, “I found out that a lot of people don’t even know what a green house gas is or the threats or how they can help.”

The petitions have definitely helped raise awareness in the community while also allowing the whole campus to be involved in making Castleton greener.

Natalie is even in the midst of working on a Biodiesel project that could provide the campus with earth-friendly energy. The most vital component of change, however, is to always think about and choose a more earth-friendly approach. Natalie points out that “your saving money in the long run.”

One of the major changes that will be happening on campus in the future is the construction of new buildings. To keep with the Commitment, these buildings will be constructed Lead Certified. This is a building pass that states that the buildings are earth-friendly.

President Wolk stated that he was very warmed to the idea of joining the Presidents Climate Commitment.

Both President Wolk and Bill Allen, the Dean of Administration, believe that it is very exciting for students to take the initiative to address the problems of global warming.

As part of the college’s ongoing attempts to reduce greenhouse gases, President Wolk pointed out that every time a vehicle is traded, he tries to replace it with a hybrid. As well, President Wolk made it clear that now is the time for changes to be completed at Castleton.

Going green has been a success at Castleton in the past with the new gym lights paying for themselves within a year’s time and will continue to be successful in the future.

President Wolk has high hopes for Castleton stating, “I want Castleton to be known as the green campus” and have it mean more than just “the school’s color.

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